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Mission: Forward

We are here For a Better Us. We are also here for Healthy Living. And Youth Development. And Social Responsibility. Our Cause and Our Mission have not been lost on us due to this unprecedented virus. Instead we shifted, as many of you have shifted, to working from home, to cutting back, to existing virtually. Though our doors may have been closed, we were still working incredibly hard with a much smaller staff for the greater good of our community. During the 6 months we were closed, even without collecting monthly membership dues, we continued to provide fitness programming, offer childcare, feed our more vulnerable, and pay some rather significant fixed costs in order to operate.

In these times of uncertainty, the YMCA provides normalcy and steadiness. We need your help to continue our Mission, to continue forward, and to thrive in this environment and beyond.

Please join us in donating towards our Mission: Forward campaign and help us reach our goal of raising $300,000. This money will help us run the programming that our community has relied on: Before and After School Care, Childcare, Swim Lessons, Emergency Food Box Deliveries, Group Exercise, Sports Camps and Leagues. It will also help us pay for annual costs and utilities that keep our building standing, as well as ensure that we can continue to serve the Great Lakes Bay Region for years to come.

If you can give, please give generously to the health and wellbeing of our community. You may make a tax-deductible donation online right now through the button below, or complete a pledge form and submit it to Jessica Gohs, Accounting Manager.

Closed, but Open

Since March 16th, when our doors were first closed, we have:

Ours was one of the only YMCAs in the state to decide not to collect any monthly membership dues for the 6 month closure. So as to not increase programming costs during the mandated closure for participants, we relied on cash reserves and worked diligently to find grants and other funding resources so that those who rely on the YMCA for services could continue to do so as allowable. We have since reopened while adhering to strict guidelines and recommendations to operate our facility safely. With many uncertainties created by the ongoing pandemic, it is difficult for us to rely on membership dues to help sustain our operations.

Please donate today to ensure that these programs can continue to operate, that families continue to receive meals, and that children receive an outlet for physical exercise and play for years to come.

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For Another 135 Years

The YMCA was first founded in Bay City in 1885. Since then we have coached thousands of children in basketball, volleyball (both invented at a YMCA!), flag football, and most recently, dodgeball. We led countless hours of senior aerobics classes both in the studio and in the water. We have watched hundreds of children grow through our childcare programs including Afterschool care, Preschool, and Infant care. We have taught drowning prevention, swim lessons, and lifeguard certification courses. We have provided millions of dollars in subsidized memberships, childcare, and summer camp enrollment for those in need. We have seen hundreds of pounds shed, muscles built, and overall health increase in these last 135 years. We have fed youth and families at no cost to them. We have seen seniors pedaling on our stationary bikes, powerlifters at the squat racks, mothers walking the track, paddleball champions dominating our racquetball courts, young professionals shooting free throws on the basketball courts, and athletes of all sizes and ages participating in our many group exercise classes.

We have been here for 135 years, and we have remained here through this unprecedented pandemic. Now, we need your help to continue filling the needs and strengthening our community for another 135 years.

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The Power of We

Today, the health and wellness of the Great Lakes Bay Region is at stake and the need for our services has never been greater. After a nearly six month closure and subsequent revenue loss, this campaign will move our Mission forward to secure a safe, responsible, and emotionally supportive environment for all. By reviving the YMCA to its pre-closure state, we will help to prevent disease and drive the improvement of our community’s physical health, safety, and emotional well-being through programs that strengthen the spirit, mind, and body. The YMCA has been part of the Bay City community for 135 years and this campaign will ensure our presence into the future.

Make a tax-deductible donation now. Any amount helps and will be used towards our Mission: Forward campaign. Choose to fill out the pledge form and make monthly payments. If you can donate $30 a month for 3 months, by the end of your campaign you will have helped us raise almost $100! You can make a significant impact. A donation of just $50 can help us to provide care, support, and feed a child for one full day.  Complete our Pledge Form and commit to helping sustain your YMCA.

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