Reserve Your Spot

Reserve your Spot!

We are excited to share our new class reservation system for free member group exercise, basketball courts, open pickleball, lap swim lanes, and Racquetball Court A! To promote social distancing, class sizes will be monitored and members will need to reserve their spots. As we are limiting facility capacity, reservations will need to be made in advance to help keep everyone safe.

If you are looking to use the fitness floor, cardio equipment, or 24/7 Fitness Area during regular business hours, you do not need to make a reservation in advance. Simply view the Facility Capacity at the bottom of the page to plan your visit.

You must make an appointment for the following:

  • To reserve a lap pool lane
  • To attend a free group exercise class
  • To attend a free aquatics class
  • To use the basketball or racquetball courts for play
  • To use KidZone
  • To use 24/7 Fitness after regular business hours

Reservation Reminders

  • Reservations are for members only.
  • Reservations can be made up to 5 days in advance or until one hour before the class starts. If you wish to reserve a spot within one hour before class starts, please call the Member Service Desk.
  • Please be on time for your reservation. If you are late for your appointment, you will not get additional time. (e.g. your reserved lap swim time is 9am-9:45am, but you do not get in the pool until 9:20am, your reservation still ends at 9:45am.)
  • Reservations can also be made at the Member Service Desk or by calling us at 989.895.8596
  • There are daily/weekly limits on some classes/areas to give opportunities to other members. The system will let you know if your daily/weekly limit has been reached.
    • You may book a maximum of 5 lanes in the pool per week.
    • You may reserve the basketball/racquetball court 4 times per week. Each member playing during the reservation time (up to 4 on the basketball court, 2 in the racquetball court) must submit a reservation, i.e., there must be a reservation listed under each member’s name.
  • If you are unable to attend your reserved appointment, please cancel your appointment online or call the Member Service Desk.

How to Use the Reservation System

  1. To make a reservation, please enter your information in all available fields below.  These fields are linked to our active membership database.
  2. Once all information is entered, the member scheduler will appear!  You can look ahead at the week to see classes/areas for which you would like to register.  You can search by date, class/lap lane, or instructor.
  3. Once you find the option you want, click Book! You will then receive a message that you will be receiving a confirmation email, and the site will ask if you would like to book more appointments.
  4. If you need to cancel your appointment, please log into the reservation system and select the “My Appointments” tab to manage your booked appointments.
  5. You may also call the YMCA at 989.895.8596 to reserve your spot!
  6. View the full schedule of every service or activity you can make a reservation for here and book directly from that page.

Facility Capacity

We ask that our members plan their visit by checking our facility capacity with the capacity monitor below. Based on guidelines from the state government, our facility will be required to stay below a certain total capacity for safety. We will be enforcing this capacity, so please refer to the monitor below before you visit to avoid wait times. Unless the capacity dashboard states that we have reached 100% capacity, you are welcome to visit our facility!

If you are unable to view the capacity checker below, please visit this page. You may also call the front desk at 989.895.8596 and ask what our current capcacity is.