Senior Advantage Membership


Here for all.

Regardless of age, income, or race, as a YMCA, we are welcome to ALL. To help us fulfill this mission, we offer a discounted membership to seniors based on income.  Qualifying Senior Citizen Members (65 yrs old and up) are also not required to pay a Joining Fee.

There are many benefits to joining our YMCA as a senior, including:

  • Full access to all group exercise classes, inclduing senior specific:
      • Active Older Adults
      • Enhance Fitness
      • Tai Ji
  • Fellowship hour after class
  • Full access to all aquatic exercise classes, including senior specific:
      • Ai Chi
      • Adaptive Aquatic Exercise
      • Senior Splash
      • Waterworks
  • Quarterly Senior Luncheons (requires a small, additional fee)
  • Seniors only parking spots
  • Free towel usage
  • Sauna and Steam Room use
  • Fitness Assessment

CLICK HERE for the application for the Senior Advantage Membership!