24/7 Fitness at the Dow Bay Area Family YMCA

We are excited to announce a new 24/7 fitness area to the Dow Bay Area Family YMCA! This newly remodeled area will be open every hour of the day for members use!  Please continue reading for some frequently asked questions about this great member benefit!


Where will it be located?

Our 24/7 Fitness Center will be located in our current Community Room/Fitness Studio.

When will renovation begin?

We anticipate renovation to begin and be completed some time in Spring 2019

What equipment will be in that area?

We will have treadmills, arc trainers, free weights, and Cybex weight machines along with other equipment like yoga mats, medicine balls, jump ropes, exercise bands, etc.

What are the hours of operation?

This Fitness Center will truly be 24/7—meaning it is not just for those who work out at night! It will be open during the day as well as an alternative to working out upstairs.

Will it be staffed?

No, the Fitness Center will not be staffed overnight. For safety, there will be a landline phone to call for emergencies and an AED machine. There will also be security cameras installed to allow remote monitoring of that area.

How will I enter the Fitness Center?

During regular business hours, members will still access the facility by checking in at the front desk.
After regular business hours, members will scan their own current membership card to unlock a separate entrance door into the Fitness Center.
You must use your own card and no one else’s (not even other family member’s cards).
The door will be approximately where Shipping and Receiving is currently located on the North side of the building.

How will you know if I let my friend in?

All members will need to scan membership cards individually to gain access to the 24/7 area and will be held to the Honor Code. YMCA Staff will check usage and camera footage daily to identify anyone letting non-members in.

How much is it to have 24/7 access?

Nothing extra! This is truly a member benefit!

Can I purchase a 24/7 only membership?

No. The 24/7 Fitness Center is another added value to the current membership.

Where will my favorite classes that are held in the community room and fitness
studio be when it turns into a 24/7 Fitness Center?

We have teams of people working to make sure our classes will be continued
to be offered at the same great quality. Watch for updates coming soon with
more information on this topic.

Can guests or visiting YMCA members use the 24/7 Fitness Center after hours?

No. This is a Dow Bay Area Family YMCA member benefit only.

Can any member use the 24/7 Fitness area?

After regular business hours, you must be 18 years or older to access.

Can I bring my child with me after hours?

No. After hours, the 24/7 Fitness Area will be insured only for those
members who are 18 years or older.

Will the current Community Room and Fitness Studio be closed during the

We are trying hard to keep these rooms accessible for as long as possible.
We will post updates at the Front Desk and on the Info TVs periodically to
inform you of their status during renovation.

Will towel service be available after regular business hours?

No. The towel tracker machine is located in our main hallway and not be
accessible after regular business hours.

Will locker rooms be available?

No. We will have storage options in the 24/7 area for coats, shoes, bags,
etc. There will be a larger ADA accessible restroom and a second restroom
available to change in, if needed.

Will regular business hours change?