STEM Camps Apprentice/Master (Ages 8 – 14)

Engineering for Kids Camp Fees: $105 per camp
Thanks to a generous STEM grant awarded by the GM Foundation!

Morning Camps:
Monday-Friday 9:00am-11:30am
Afternoon Camps:
Monday-Friday 1:30pm-4:00pm


MinecraftEdu: Travelling into the Future

This camp will immerse students in the expansive world of Minecraft, and will challenge student’s ingenuity and problem solving skills as they navigate through several engineering challenges. Students will learn how to use teamwork and manage resources like an engineer in the real world. Building in Minecraft allows students to experiment with designs and materials, all without the risks associated with building structures in reality.

Morning: June 24-28


Robotics: Ocean Missions

This LEGO® Robotics: Ocean Missions curriculum is designed to introduce students to the world of robotics in an interesting and engaging way. The goal is to teach students about the building and programming aspects of robotics as it relates to real-world issues in ocean exploration.

Morning: July 29- Aug 2


Mechatronics Masterminds

Eureka! Kelvin has finally done it! He has created a perpetual motion machine. But what is this?! An evil genius has stolen Kelvin’s masterpiece – oh no! Kelvin is now looking for a trustworthy team to develop and test new gadgets that will help him find and safeguard his perpetual motion machine. Explore the basics of mechatronics engineering and logic based programming as students use littleBits and work together to design gadgets, tools, and machines that will help kelvin get out of any sticky situation he may encounter.

Morning: August 5-9


Kodu Kart: 3D Game Design

Race to the finish and create your own racing game in Microsoft’s Kodu gaming environment. From terrain design to enemy selection, students are placed at the wheel and given full control to design their game. Create your own video game while exploring the foundations of coding. Kick your creativity in gear with Kodu Kart Racing. (not compatible with Mac or Linux).

Morning: August 12-16


Robotics RoboBattles

This Robotics: Robo Battles curriculum is designed to introduce students to the world of not only building, but also programming basic robots. Throughout this course the students will explore different ways in which a robot could be utilized to engage in various battle challenges.

Afternoon: June 24-28


Design the Future

What does the future look like? Join us as we embark on an odyssey to explore the future of transportation, manufacturing and structural. Let’s take a look at the innovations of today and apply them to create the designs of tomorrow as we explore ways to harness clean energy and house a growing human population. Become an engineer and help Design the Future.

Afternoon: July 29-Aug 2


3D CAD Design: Minecraft Creations

3D design and Minecraft both represent boundless opportunity for creating even our wildest of ideas! In 3D CAD Design: Minecraft Creations, students will explore the basic concepts of 3D printing (by using 3Doodler pens) and computer-aided design, or CAD, to bring their most awesome Minecraft creation to life!

Afternoon: August 5-9


MinecraftEdu: Medieval Redstone

MinecraftEDU is an expansive game that lets players design and create unique worlds with amazing structures. One of the more complicated aspects of MinecraftEDU is Redstone, which is MinecraftEDU’s version of electrical circuitry. This class will introduce students to the many uses of Redstone through a Medieval themed adventure of creation, exploration, and castle besieging, with students making mine cart tracks to help them gather resources, working together to build their kingdom, and designing traps to defend their castle, all with the use of Redstone.

Afternoon: August 12-16