KIDS TRI ‘n shine


This miniature triathlon features a running, swimming, and bicycling portion, just like a full triathlon would! Kids 6-15 will love this challenge. All proceeds from this event will benefit our Financial Assistance Program, and each participant will receive a custom Kids Tri n Shine t-shirt. New to triathlons? No problem! This fun race will introduce your child to the sport of triathlon. Sponsored by Copus Orthodontics and Bay City Morning Rotary.

How will a virtual triathlon work? You can do all three disciplines (swimming, biking and running) at the same time or break them up how you see fit. Going to the lake for a few days or your friends pool to beat the heat? Encourage your child to finish the swim portion! Taking the bikes out on the Rail Trail after dinner, record the bike leg! The important thing is, to show us how much fun they can have participating in a triathlon. There is no right or wrong way! We will post a link that you can upload your child’s photo or video that we can share with our community.

Below is some information to help get you started.

Here are some suggested distances:

Ages 6-11—swim 25 yards (one pool length), bike 2 miles, run 1/2 mile
Ages 12-15—swim 50 yards (one pool lap), bike 3.5 miles, run 1 mile
Open (6-17)—swim 100 yards (two pool laps), bike 4 miles, run 1 mile

Things your child may need while participating in the virtual triathlon:

1. Swim suit
2. Goggles/earplugs/nose plugs
3. Towel
4. Sandals
5. Sunscreen
6. Bike
7. Helmet
8. Shorts/shirt
9. Shoes
10. Hat
11. Sunglasses
12. Change of clothes
13. Water bottle
14. Duffle bag


Thank you to our Sponsors for 2020!