Outdoor Running Routes

Get Running Outside!

We will be physically distancing ourselves on the indoor track, but that shouldn’t stop you from get a run in! We will still provide multiple cardio machines on the fitness floor for you to use while you visit the Y. If you prefer to feel your feet against the pavement, check out these options around the YMCA and downtown Bay City!

1 Mile Around the Y

Download the PDF map.

  1. Start on the corner of Saginaw & 11th
  2. Head toward Washington and turn Left
  3. Turn Left on 10th
  4. Turn Left onto Saginaw
  5. Repeat Lap 1
  6. Repeat Lap 1 but end on Washington & 10th

4 Mile Loop: Essexville & Back

  1. Start on Washington & 10th
  2. Head down Washington towards Center Ave
  3. Turn Right on Center
  4. Run down to the Rail Trail or Livingston St
  5. Turn around and return the way you came