Exercise is only one aspect of adopting a healthier lifestyle. Schedule your one-on-one consultation with our registered dietitian to analyze your eating habits and design an individualized nutrition plan that addresses your specific dietary and supplement needs.

Why work with a Registered Dietitian?
You will receive personalized information, meal planning assistance, motivation and support, objective feedback, and tools to avoid lifestyle diseases.

What can I learn from a Registered Dietitian that I can’t learn online?
Personalized nutrition: Registered Dietitians have the expertise to customize dietary information and devise a plan that is specific to the needs of the individual person specifically tailored to health and wellness goals. There is an abundance of conflicting information on the internet. Our Dietitian stays up to date on current nutrition recommendations and will offer accurate, relevant nutritional advice based on the latest research.

What are the benefits of regular meetings with a Registered Dietitian?
Registered Dietitians will provide motivation, support, and accountability to clients undergoing dietary lifestyle changes.

What are the long-term benefits of working with a Registered Dietitian?
Food and nutrition are strongly correlated to autoimmune conditions which can be sometimes addressed with proper food and nutrients. A Registered Dietitian helps you manage common conditions like diabetes, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure.

What’s the difference between a Registered Dietitian and other nutrition specialists?
Registered Dietitians must be credentialed and licensed and have completed additional school and training.

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Download this Food Journal if participating in nutritional counseling.


Our Registered Dietitian

Scott Nelson
M.S. Family and Consumer Science; Concentration: Nutrition
North Carolina Central University
B.S. Dietetics; Concentration: Health Promotion
Michigan State University
Professional Certifications
Registered Dietitian: Accredited by the Commission on Dietetic Registration

Our Nutritionist

Sammi DuLong
B.S. Dietetics
Michigan State University

NEW! Virtual Nutrition Counseling

Nutrition Counseling On the Go is perfect for your demanding schedule. This virtual package includes access to our nutritionist, Sammi DuLong, via email, one 45-minute nutrition counseling session per week, and regular feedback on your nutrition/activity log for maximum accountability and success. Enjoy the flexibility of having a virtual nutrition coach when and where you need one.

3 Sessions:
Y-Members $100
Prospective Members $130

6 Sessions:
Y-Members $200
Prospective Members $260

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Download this Food Journal if participating in nutritional counseling.
If you’re new to Zoom Meetings, watch this video tutorial to be prepared for your first meeting with Sammi!

Individual Nutrition Counseling (In-Person)

60 min session

Y-Member $40
Prospective Member $50


Buddy Nutrition Counseling (In-Person)

60 min session

Y-Member $30
Prospective Member $40