“Strength Training and Mental Fitness for the Brain” Workshop Series

BRAIN POWER! is a series of personal development workshops providing professional guidance and tools to achieve life enhancing self awareness. Participants will strengthen personal well-being, build optimism and resilience, and improve overall health resulting in Reach for Your Life confidence to achieve life goals, full potential, and ultimate happiness!


In this third of a series, participants will learn proven, easy-to-use RELAXATION strategies that will prove less stress equals more success! Relaxation is a mentally active process that leaves the body and mind focused, calm, refreshed and, of course, relaxed. In fact, the human body is at risk if you don’t relax. Many common ailments that affect quality of life, such as headaches, digestive problems, sleep difficulties, and muscle aches can be linked to a constant state of heightened stress. Participants will receive:

  • Thirty minutes of Assessment
  • One hour of Relaxation Coaching

Participants will receive take-away tools that will:

  • Strengthen Self Awareness
  • Build Resilience through Deliberate Relaxation
  • Improve Stress Reduction Strategies
  • Increase Calm


Y-Member: $15
Program Participant: $20

Saturday, April 13