4 Week Workout Plan

Take Your Workouts to the Next Level

Register today for a personalized 4-week workout plan created JUST FOR YOU by one of our personal trainers!

To get started, please fill out the questionnaire below, or download it here and email it to Nicole Jewell at njewell@ymcabaycity.org. Tell us about your fitness and workout goals and we will pair you with a trainer accordingly. Keep in mind, payment for sessions and packages are due before training sessions. There is a payment registration link below.

The personal trainer will have a brief consult with the you, send you the workout, and complete another consultation mid-way through the program. Through this program, you are not registering to have a personal trainer coach you along the way for each exercise, you are registering only for the workout plan. The interaction between personal trainer and client is minimal through this program. If you would instead like to receive more hands-on personal training, please visit this page.


  • Y-Members  $80
  • Prospective Members  $110


Register for the 4-week program plus one Personal Training session. This will allow the personal trainer to go over all of the exercises and answer questions.

Program + 1 hour PT

  • Y- Members  $105
  • Prospective Members  $145



Duration of exercise, frequency, type of exercise/movement.
Duration of exercise, frequency, type of exercise/movement.