Gaining 24/7 Access

Become a Member

Only Dow Bay Area Family YMCA members will be allowed 24/7 Fitness access on the basis of safety. We need to know who is using our facilities after hours, and they will need to sign off on this use. Another great benefit to becoming a Dow Bay Area Family YMCA member!

Be 18 years old or older

Because of safety and legal reasons, only members who are 18 years and older, and who can legally sign the liability waiver, will be granted 24/7 Fitness access for after hours use.

Check your Member Card

This will not apply to all members, but if any of our members are currently using a barcode that begins with the letter A (see the example below), the new 24/7 Fitness entrance scanner will not be able to read the barcode to allow after hours access. Please check your Member Card and pick up a new one at no cost at the Member Service Desk if necessary.

Update your Photo

If your photo has not been updated in our system, or is poorly visible, we do ask that you update your photo with our Member Service Desk staff. This should only take a moment, and is required for us to monitor our security camera equipment and verify that only our members with signed legal use of 24/7 access are using the new fitness space.

Sign the Access Waiver

All members who are 18 will need to sign the liability waiver and honor code in order to access the 24/7 Fitness outside of regular business hours. We need your approval of our terms of use which include not allowing friends or family to use your Member Card. Failure to abide by the honor code may result in forfeiting your membership to the Dow Bay Area Family YMCA. Please make sure that you have completed the rest of the items on on this page as well before gaining access.