Frequently Asked 24/7 Questions

Where is it located?

Our 24/7 Fitness Center is located in our former Community Room/Fitness Studio next to the Aerobics Studio.

What equipment is available in that area?

We have treadmills, arc trainers, dumbbells, and Cybex weight machines along with other equipment like medicine balls, jump ropes, etc.

What are the hours of operation?

All members who are 18 years old or older and who have signed the 24/7 Waiver will be allowed to use the 24/7 Fitness Area during and after regular business hours and holidays when the YMCA is closed.

Is it staffed?

No, the Fitness Center is not staffed. For safety, there will be a landline phone to call for emergencies and an AED machine and First Aid Kit. There are also security cameras installed to allow remote monitoring of that area.

How will I enter 24/7 Fitness?

During regular business hours, members will still access the facility by checking in at the front desk. After regular business hours, members will scan their own membership card to unlock the separate outside entrance door into the 24/7 Fitness area. It is located on the North side of the building next to the Shipping and Receiving (East of the main entrance). You must use your own membership card and no one else’s (not even other family member’s cards).

How will you know if I let my friend in?

All members will need to scan membership cards individually to gain access to the 24/7 Fitness area and will be held to the Honor Code. YMCA staff check usage and camera footage daily to identify anyone letting non-members in.

How much is it to have 24/7 access?

Nothing extra! This is a free Dow Bay Area Family YMCA member benefit!

Can I purchase a 24/7 only membership?

No. 24/7 Fitness is another added value to the current membership.

Can guests or visiting YMCA members use 24/7 Fitness after hours?

No. This is a Dow Bay Area Family YMCA member benefit only.

Can any member use the 24/7 Fitness area?

You must be a Dow Bay Area Family YMCA member who is 18 years or older who has signed the waiver and release form to access this area during or after regular business hours.

Can I bring my child with me into the Fitness area?

No. During normal business hours and after hours, 24/7 Fitness will be insured only for those members who are 18 years or older.

Will locker rooms be available?

No. We have storage options in the 24/7 Fitness for coats, shoes, bags, etc. There is a larger ADA accessible restroom and a second restroom available to change in, if needed.

Will regular business hours change?

Our regular business hours are the following: Monday through Thursday – 5AM-8PM Friday – 5AM-7PM; Saturday – 7AM-4PM; Sunday-10AM – 4PM.

As a current member, what must I do to have access to 24/7 Fitness?

There will be a few requirements that you will need to follow in order to have access. They are the following:

See the Member Service Desk for your photo and member card. You may also sign the waiver in person at the Member Service Desk.