Strong Community Movement

The YMCA has been a driving force in local communities since 1844, pushing change and challenging the norm, offering services, and transforming the way we relate to others. In our community, the Y has remained a steadfast supporter of the Bay City area community for over 130 years. Today, the YMCA has refo­cused the central principles surrounding its outreach. This is now done through three separate areas; encouraging and developing area youth, creating a sense of social responsibility and the need and de­sire to give back, and providing an healthy environment where all are welcome and people feel physically, emotionally, and mentally rejuvenated.

This movement cannot be completed by a single person, or even a small group of people. This movement is more than a feeling, more than an idea, and more than a cause. It must be a passion, a behavior, and an all-encompassing lifestyle. If we come together, we will truly make a difference in the lives of many families, seniors, and youth.

However, not all of these youth, seniors, and families have the financial resources to afford a membership or pay for a program fee. Contributions to our Strong Community Movement, no matter how big or small, ensure that every individual is welcome at the YMCA.

While the Dow Bay Area Family YMCA services play an integral role in community life, we don’t stand alone in helping others. There are dozens of agencies doing good work in our community to provide needed services to vulnerable populations, and we reach out to help them to join together in creating a community we all can be proud of.