Rise ‘n Shine Summer Races

Thank you!

Thank you to our sponsors and vendors for creating such a successful Summer 5K and race day event! Thank you to all of our participants who ran, walked, swam, and biked through beautiful Uptown Bay City! Thank you to our volunteers and everyone who attended our Family Fun Fest!

Check the 5K Race Results here!


Kids Tri n shine Results

Female 6-7 yr old:
Gemma Derocher20:33
Madeline Greenacre25:00
Claire Hoffman25:30
Ellen Luft27:32
Easton Gielda28:02
Female 8-9 yr old:
Gianna Derocher15:14
Alexis Luft16:19
Juliana Roth16:59
Lucia Wasek17:40
Hailey Ulman19:09
Ahnuh Mazure20:09
Olivia Lieber20:11
Female 10-11 yr old:
Elizabeth Rechsteiner16:07
Laikin Gielda19:50
Ajae Winchell19:51
Female 12-13 yr old:
Alexis Kierpec14:54
Male 6-7 yr old:
Jared Hessler20:15
Eli Champine24:01
Brevin Chambers24:16
Colton Matthew26:15
Jacob Kruse26:30
Ryan Derocher28:51
Male 8-9 yr old:
Nate Zacharko13:15
Nicholas Hessler15:02
Noah Greenacre19:54
Ben Mathews20:16
Colin Kruse21:12

Robert O’Dell23:04
Male 10-11 yr old
Elijah Krantz13:33
Emerson Chambers13:43
Isaiah Greenacre13:43
Nathan Schmidt20:07



Look at photos from the day’s events here!


This event was graciously supported by: