Community Impact

To thrive we need to eat well, stay safe, be active, spend time together, learn, and grow. Sadly, in an increasingly technological and polarized world, it’s not always easy to obtain what we need. Playing outside has become a rarity. Face time happens through a phone. Instead of seeing the income gap shrink, it seems all we do is watch it grow.

Where society falls short, the Y steps in. After 130 years of serving the Great Lakes Bay Region, the Y knows what we need to be our best selves. The Y gives us a place to play, to learn, to be healthy, and give back. It provides parents with child care, young adults job training, and children a safe place to go. Everything the Y does is in service of making us better.

Every day, the Dow Bay Area Family YMCA gives our community the support it needs to thrive. How do we accomplish that? Through our Strong Community Movement. The Dow Bay Area Family YMCA’s Strong Community Movement has given over $700,000 back to our community since 2011, and in the last year it empowered over 2,000 people in our community to become Y members, enroll in camps, join youth sports leagues, and have a safe place to learn and build confidence through child care and after-school programs. Additionally, 897 kids have received scholarships for memberships at the Dow Bay Area Family YMCA. From advocacy to food security, disease prevention to athletics, football to dance classes, everything we do helps strengthen our neighborhood and the people who live here.

For a better you. For a better community. For a better country.

For a better us.